Dallastown Area After School Bowling Program

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Letter to parents:
Dear Parents,
Thank you for your interest in your child’s participation in the After School Bowling Program at Suburban Bowlerama. Please take a moment to review the following details of our program:
* Supervision: Adult representatives from Suburban Bowlerama will be present at the school prior to departure, on the bus to the bowling center, and at the bowling center. We will adhere to a ratio of one adult for every 25-30 students.
* The program will last for 8 consecutive weeks. In the event of school cancellation or early dismissal, the program will be extended for one week so that all 8 weeks are completed.
* Upon checking in with the supervisor at school, your child will be signed in for bowling that day. He/she will not be permitted to leave the bus or the bowling center until signed out by a parent or guardian. If a child is a “walker”, we must be made aware of this and/or any other special arrangements for pick-up after the program.
* No video game play will be permitted until bowling has completed for the day.
* If you elect to pre-pay for the entire program ($80.00), and your child misses a week of bowling, he/she will receive 2 FREE games for that week. Payment must accompany your child on first day of program. Please make check payable to Suburban Bowlerama.
* Teams will consist of 3 or 4 persons per team; children may choose their own teams, or we will place them with other children of similar age as best we can.
* Bowling will begin as close to 4pm as possible, and should finish around 5:20pm. You should arrange to pick up your child/children at this time. Children will receive a minimum of one hour and 15 minutes of bowling.
* All participants will receive participation awards. Awards will be distributed on last scheduled day of bowling.
* Transportation will be provided to the bowling center by F&S Transportation., a private school bus provider.
Note: If preferred, parents may provide their own transportation to the bowling center. Morning kindergarten children are welcome, but must provide transportation to the lanes.
* This is not a school sponsored program, yet the school district has knowledge of it.

Any questions, please call us at 717-848-1632 or contact us.

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