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Title Customer Service / Pinchaser
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Customer Service / Pinchaser
Suburban Bowlerama


Suburban Bowlerama is a bowling center located in York, PA. Our facility also features a pro shop, snack bar and lounge. The upbeat environment we create for customers also makes for an enjoyable workplace. If you excel at customer service, we have a spot waiting on the Suburban Bowlerama team!



As a Pinchaser, your primary responsibility will be the maintenance and operation of our pinsetters. You will be working on a small team supervised by a duty manager. Introductory training will be focused on fixing pinsetter breakdowns, cleaning duties, and  bowling basics. You will also learn about some of the duties of the front counter person so you can assist in the customer service area during busier times.


Maintenance Duties

trash disposal, clean surfaces (wipe, scrub, rinse), clean floors (sweep, mop, vacuum), safely clear spills, improve aesthetics (remove gum, scuffs, stains)


Bowling Duties

spray & return shoes after use, shoe appearance (unknot laces, remove scuffs), shoe rack organization, refill ball racks & returns, assist customers with automatic scoring (add, delete, correct, reset), monitor bowling & enforce safety rules, fix equipment-related issues (string tangles, ball jams, ghost balls)



We are only interested in meeting candidates that understand the importance of great customer service and have the ability to deliver it on a consistent basis. Strong communication skills are required. All interaction with the public must be polite and helpful: maintain eye contact, never argue or yell, and remember to smile! Personality: friendly, outgoing, cooperative, reliable, observant, energetic, ambitious, willingness to learn Other Requirements: punctual, presentable, basic math, moderate physical strength


Equipment Knowledge

Cash register, telephone, microphone, PA switches, automatic scorers, calculator, copy machine, computer/printer, credit card machine.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Willing & able to work weekend shifts (current needs are for Saturday and Sunday daytime shifts)
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